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Nashawn ‘OX’ Breedlove, an actor and rapper from “8 Mile,” has passed away.

Naishon Breedlove, a rapper and “8 Mile” actor, has gone away. His mother published on social media on Tuesday (September 26), confirming a TMZ report, that the rapper had died on Sunday at his home in New Jersey while he was sleeping.

His mother shared the sad news of Naishon Breedlove’s demise on Facebook, writing, “With a heavy heart, I am sharing the news of my darling son’s passing. Many of you were familiar with him by his aliases “Lotto” and “Bail,” names that mirrored his tenacity and will.

“No one could deny his talent,” she said, adding that his leaving has left “a huge void in my life that words cannot fully express.”

“I struggle to express the suffering and agony I experience. He was more than simply my kid; he was a remarkable person whose courage and fortitude motivated everyone who came into contact with him, she said.

She was thankful for everyone’s prayers and support throughout this trying time. According to TMZ, the cause of death has not been made public since family sources are yet unclear.

Rest in peace to the MC that snatched a win from Eminem… Lotto, said Bronx rapper Mickey Facts on his social media accounts on Monday (September 25). Facts and Breedlove co-starred in the 2002 rap war movie with Eminem. His pals gave him the nickname Oxx.

Breedlove’s family, management, or his social media accounts are expected to confirm his demise.

Lotto is a member of the Leaders of the Free World squad in “8 Mile,” where he engages in combat with Eminem’s B-Rabbit persona, which Eminem ultimately prevails in. The movie’s popularity on both the box office and with critics led to it winning an Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Lose Yourself.”

Last November, Eminem released the soundtrack album’s 20th anniversary deluxe edition, which featured instrumental versions of the original songs as well as a demo of “Lose Yourself.”

In a June interview with The New York Times, Eminem discussed the importance of battle rap scenes in his career. He said: “The battle scene was the greatest thing for me because I understood what line was going to create a reaction from the crowd. That’s what I’ll pay attention to.

A “modern iteration” of the movie, “8 Mile,” was the subject of 50 Cent’s announcement in January that he was going to create a TV show based on the movie “for Eminem’s legacy.”

In addition to his role in “8 Mile,” Breedlove also contributed to the music of the comedy movie “The Wash,” which starred Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, in 2001. Breedlove contributed to the song “Don’t Talk Shit” as Oxx.

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