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Key SEC Showdown: Ole Miss vs. Alabama Odds, Predictions, and How to Bet

Key SEC Showdown: Ole Miss vs. Alabama Odds, Predictions, and How to Bet

Ole Miss Rebels

“Offence of Criminals” OLE Among the best teams in the nation this season, Miss has been one of the standout squads. They are now ranked number 13 for rapid success rate, number 15 for PPP, and number 16 for explosiveness.

The criminals’ violent assault ranked eighth nationwide, per PFFE. They were captained by Jaich Evans, a former five-star recruit who switched from TCY, before the start of the year. Evans averages 6.35 yards per rush and 0.23 EPA per play this season.

With Quinn Johnson’s dual-headed monster emergence, things have changed dramatically. Johnson currently has 1,051 yards and 13 touchdowns on the ground to lead the club. His EPA per play is 0.15 on average, and he is gaining 5.81.

The gap left by Matt Corral has been admirably filled by Jackson Dart. Dart has thrown for 520 yards with an EPA per play of 0.26 so far this season. His dropback EPA in the air is 0.14, and this season, he has 1,810 passing yards.

OLE Miss has the seventh-highest speed in the nation, but when forced to slow down, they place 25th in explosiveness, 50th in PPP, and 43rd in success rate. Ole Miss Rebels

Overall, they have one of the most potent offences in the nation, particularly when they get into a routine and effectively advance the ball down the field.

Rebels’ OLE’s defence Although Miss has a powerful defence, they have occasionally had difficulties. They

The main strength of Alabama’s offence, which is noted for its explosive attacks, may be effectively countered by this defense’s ability to limit explosive plays. OLE Miss is the seventh-best team in the nation when it comes to preventing explosive plays.

There are, however, several areas in which this unit has struggled. They rank 97th against the run and 70th against the pass in terms of success rate.

In contrast to their recent games, they must play better against Alabama. Fortunately, they’ve had a week off, but in their previous four games against Vanderbilt, Auburn, LSU, and Texas A&M, they each let up at least 28 points.

The only club with a noteworthy offence among those was LSU, who outscored the Rebels’ defence by 45 points.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Blue Wave Defence The Tigers’ limited success against Alabama’s defence wasn’t the most unexpected aspect of Alabama’s loss to LSU; rather, it was Bryce Young and this ferocious offense’s inability to move the ball.

Alabama only managed a 45th percentile success rate and a 5.74 play average (the 43rd percentile). Although it has been an issue longer than just this week, it can in part be attributed to Young’s injury early in the season.

However, whether it be Young, Bill O’Brien, the inexperience at wide receiver, or something else, this Crimson Tide defence has several factors that are cause for concern. Alabama has the eighth-most explosiveness, the 39th-most explosive plays, and the 24th-highest opportunity rate. Its passing game has slipped from prior seasons, ranking 30th in terms of success rate and 42nd in terms of PPP (points per play).

Even worse, the rushing game’s success percentage is just in the bottom 55. However, Jamir Gibbs’ propensity to hit home runs has helped the Tide move up to fifth place in explosiveness. Alabama Crimson Tide

Although it doesn’t appear to be too bad, Alabama still has the sixth-best offence in the country according to SP+, but after last season’s successes, it has certainly regressed this year.

Blue Wave Defence The defence is still strong, but not as strong as it once was, like the assault. According to SP+, it is now ranked ninth, and its defensive success rate is 20th.

The Crimson Tide’s pass defence has been a strength, placing 5th in PPP and 14th in success rate. Alabama will have to rely on its run defence to counter the threat posed by Ole Miss’ explosive offence.

Alabama’s run defence ranks 38th in terms of success rate, but it is ranked 11th in PPP due to its exceptional performance this season at thwarting explosive runs. This will be useful while facing one of the nation’s most explosive offences.

Alabama claims to have the greatest rushing defence in the country based on PFF’s run defence ratings.

Ole Miss vs Alabama Betting Pick

“Even if I feel like this queue could be quite long, I’m not going to step in front of the train after losing. Ole Miss’s offensive will be slowed down by Alabama’s potent run defence, which is powerful. Jackson Dart will be in charge of this game, but I don’t believe he will be successful against Alabama’s secondary.

Although Ole Miss’ defence isn’t great, I don’t have much faith in Alabama’s offence this year either. Tide has experienced numerous setbacks and hasn’t been as successful as they once were.

My natural tendency is to take the under, as they say. The overall number of points scored in this game may be about sixty based on these two offences.



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