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9 Black French tip nails  For Fall

The French manicure is one of the longest-lasting nail art trends for a reason: its understated colour scheme and distinctive white tip are always in vogue. But now that fall has here, it’s the ideal time to bring back this time-honored fashion for the months to come. A brand-new trend in vibrant French tips is hitting salons by storm. These tips range from earthy neutrals and deep burgundies to glittering golds and dark metallics.

So, in order to learn how to replicate these colourful French tip nail ideas at home, we chatted with some of the greatest nail technicians in the business. Lal Tejasvi

The excited “sexy and sensual” hue of fiery red that is expected to be everywhere this autumn is described in Pantone’s Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 trend forecast. Amy Streets, a session manicurist, concurs, stating that “This season is ready for that ‘it’ shade,” and adding this colour to a French tip is really simple.

Amy advises the $32 Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Pirate for a cosy appearance. According to her, “It’s a rich, classic colour that will suit everyone.” Follow The Hot Blend, Alexandra Telke’s Instagram account, for inspiration.

Mocha Hues

Even in the fall, the influence of viral latte cosmetic trends can be felt in nail art, with coffee-inspired hues influencing some of the most well-liked French tip manicure colours. Juanita Hubbard-Millet, the company’s founder and creative director, says to “think warm, chocolatey browns and latte or shades reminiscent of autumn leaves.”

“These shades complement the cosy atmosphere of the season and work well for both day and night looks, making it a highly versatile colour option,” she states. Use the Instagram account of nail artist Amy Le as inspiration.

Try Manucurist Nail Polish in Chestnut for warm, deep brown tones, which costs £14, or P.H.E. Nail Polish in Latte for even creamier colours, which costs £10.

Pumpkin Spice

Although Halloween-themed nail art is now popular, it will still look good well after October 31. Samantha Rose, a nail technician, says, “Burnt oranges create a fun twist on the classic French tip, and adding shades like a golden honey or metallic tones takes inspiration from this time of year.”

Look for vibrant terracotta-based orange tones in autumn, just like nail artist Samantha Rose. For $7.49, Sally Hansen’s Pure Nail Polish in Gourd-geous is a fantastic option for adding glitz.

Melted Silver

Metallic nail polish colours are typically hot as we approach party season, but this fall, silver is especially fashionable in French tips. Amy offers this advice: “This metallic silver tint draws influence from the most recent street fashion as well as the expanding market for silver jewellery and metallic accessories. It is really flexible, goes well with any shade, and gives the manicure depth and perspective.

Consider Sephora Colour Hit Mini Nail Polish in Engagement Ring, $8, for a budget-friendly choice with a high-end appearance. It has a stunning metallic sheen.

Burgundy Bliss

A vibrant French tip, like the ones on Amy Le’s nails, gives a fantastic introduction into a more dramatic colour palette if painting your entire hand with a rich colour feels too strong for the autumn season. Irm Shelton, a nail technician and OPI’s Global Ambassador, adds that “most colours work great as French tips, but I particularly love deep red shades.”

Instead of mattes, picture glossy pillar-box red for this style. Take Rich Merlot or Cherry Cola as examples. Irm advises using OPI Chick Flick Cherry nail lacquer, which costs $9.85, to recreate it at home. She elaborates, “It’s something I’ve recently worn on my nails, and I’ve never received so many compliments before.”

Alpine Green

When it comes to the most popular nail colours at salons, green is usually a favourite during the autumnal season, with tones like olive and emerald leading the pack. The brilliant Alpine green, on the other hand, is making a statement in autumn. For ideas, look at Lauren’s nails on Instagram.

Try Mavala Nail Polish in Copenhagen for $19.99 to get this look at home. You may get this appearance at home with the aid of this vibrant forest green.

Gleaming Gold

Shiny black accents will be popular in fall, replacing the customary white tone of the French manicure to give nail art scenes a sense of drama. Consider your options after Sadie J. Nails. Black is a great option for anyone who desire a more dramatic and modern look, according to Juanita. This shade goes well with the rich autumnal colour scheme.

Choose lacquered polish for a lustrous finish. The $8 In Licorice by Essie is a perennial favourite among nail technicians.

Eclectic Hues

Given the vast and varied range of vibrant French recommendations for the next fall fashion season, adopting an oddball viewpoint is the correct move for the fad. Jazz Mogar, a nail artist, said, “I think the colourful French is ideal for this time of year because it remains light and appealing, but adds a touch of the autumn/winter touch to the tips.”

Frankie, a nail artist, advises choosing hues that appear a little unorthodox and surprising, like olive green with a hint of yellow. Think wood brown, burnt orange, subdued teals, or mustard yellow, she advises. These colours are a wonderful way to spice up your appearance this season.

Olive and June are exceptional rogue colours in Mavala’s $9 Double-F that are ideal for the autumn.

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