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Without a key, here are 5 simple ways to open your door.

Have you ever been locked out of your home or room, trapped in a room belonging to someone else, or unable to enter your wardrobe because you misplaced or broke the key? The inability to gain instant access is quite annoying. Even more so in case of an emergency if the door is closed and you need to get in or out!

The good news is that you can learn how to unlock a door without a key in order to handle this bad circumstance. Continue reading to learn more about these methods.

How to Get Past a Lock and Open a Door

While some of these methods may appear like last-ditch efforts, others are merely skill-based! In any event, it’s important to remember that not every door can be left open for a long time using a tried-and-true method.

#1. Using A  Credit Card

Using a credit card is one of the easiest ways to access a door without a key. It functions well on doors that have latch bolts and spring locks. Deadbolt-equipped doors cannot be opened with this technique.

Verify that the credit card you are using to unlock the door is one you no longer have since otherwise it may be hacked or ruined. The ideal card is one that is slightly flexible so you can spin and manipulate it in even the smallest places.

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1. Slide the card into the opening created by the latch and the door frame.

2. Push the card in the direction of the door after bending it to the rear.

3. This may usually open a door that is closed.

Sometimes, though, there isn’t even a space between the latch and the door frame. In these situations, try to place the card onto any location between the door and its frame, above the lock. Next, quickly slide the card down and pull the credit card in the direction of the door frame until the door unlocks.

If the latch bolt is on your side, press the angled end up against the bolt to exert pressure. To open it, use the credit card. Turn the door handle to open the door when the card slides between the bolt and the door jamb.

#2. Using A Paperclip Or Eyeglass-Repair Screwdriver

Have you ever been locked out of a room and found yourself trapped inside? Internal door locks are usually used on bedroom and bathroom doors to provide privacy. That does not exclude them from being opened or unlocked, though.

Just glance at the little opening on the door latch’s face. This is frequently located on the door’s non-locking portion. To unlock the door, you must press the little button located within the small hole.

To open the door, try putting a paperclip or a tiny tool similar to one included in an eyeglass repair kit into the opening and pushing it. You may occasionally require a tool to insert and spin. You can use a little screwdriver in this situation. If you don’t have one, flatten the end of a paperclip with a hammer before using it.

#3. Removing The Doorknob With A Screwdriver

You can use a screwdriver to break the lock and remove the door handle. You may use this to get a closed internal door open.

Before detaching the door knob and lock, you may quickly remove any exposed screws from the door handle by using a screwdriver. To view the protruding screws, you will need to detach the spindle if there are no visible screws on it. In order to access the locking mechanism, remove the screw. Remove the key from the door frame as the last step in unlocking the door. Watch this video to find out how to take a lock off of a door handle that has an unseen latch.

It will be simpler for you to maintain the components in their right locations after opening the door if you remove the door handle correctly.

#4. Using A Wire Clothes Hanger

Doors that use a lever bolt locking system can be unlocked using this method.


• To begin, cut a lengthy piece of wire from the wardrobe’s fabric hanger. When it’s far away, unlock the corner with a lock by using its angled end.

• To create a tiny hook, bend one end of the wire and push it between the door and the frame.

• Align the cable surrounding the fastening bolt.

• Hold the wire in one hand and turn the door handle with the other. At the same time, pull the wire in your direction. The bolt will be forced to retract by the strain, opening the door.

#5. Picking The Lock

How to Open a Door Without a Key: An Easy Guide

Even though this method may be applied to a variety of locks, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the components and their functions. It’s important to select the appropriate equipment, such as an Allen wrench and a paperclip or bobby pin.


  1. 1. Start by placing the Allen wrench’s little end into the keyhole’s lower portion.
  2. 2. To open the door, spin the Allen wrench just a little bit in the same direction as the key. While doing so, exert some pressure.
  3. 3. While holding the wrench firmly in place, slide a paperclip or bobby pin into the keyhole. Right now, you’re working on opening the door.
  4. 4. Slowly raise the paperclip or bobby pin. If the door still won’t open, slowly rotate the paperclip or bobby pin in a circular motion while applying more force to the Allen wrench.
  5. 5. Apply more force each time you do the action until the lock moves. As soon as it opens, keep applying pressure and keep rotating the pin or clip.

Try picking the lock with a pin if following these instructions doesn’t allow you to unlock the door. With the Allen wrench, slowly press the clip or pin inside by using mild, consistent pressure. Lift it upward until you hear a click as soon as it makes contact with the pin. Continue doing this with the remaining pins until the door opens.

Cautionary Tool:

If the aforementioned methods haven’t worked for you, try these “last resort” strategies to assist you get out of a tight spot.

A word of caution: attempt the aforementioned methods first as they are safer, before turning to these “last resort” approaches!

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